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Shetland Islands Property

For sale: 19 properties - To rent: 2 properties

Shetland has a small population of 22,000 people, yet despite the tiny number of properties for sale the prices are not high and the scarcity has not triggered any real escalation in prices. It is difficult to find homes of any kind for over £250,000 including 3 and 4 bedroom detached houses and the rental market in Shetland is practically non-existent. Many of the rentals include guest house room rentals and despite the shortage of properties the Shetland islanders by and large want things to stay that way.

Because of the climate and geography of Shetlands things maybe about to change with the Viking Windfarm set to become the most effective wind farm in the world in terms of its production capacity. When compared to other wind farms in terms of size and output the capacity of this wind farm will be unsurpassed. Over 10% of the islanders objected to the wind farm proposal despite its potential to generate millions of revenue for the island each year, the Scottish government eventually had to step in and settle the dispute in favour of the new wind farm development.
Shetlands fastest link to the mainland is the Scatsta airport but if the development of the wind farm goes ahead this could be set to change with new development on the island to support the wind farm and its infrastructure.

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Shetland Islands Property For sale

5 bed detached
£250,000 - Vidlin, Shetland ZE2
4 bed detached house for sale in Selkie Stanes
£210,000 - Selkie Stanes, Scatness, Virkie, Shetland ZE3
3 bed semi detached house for sale in Carnfield Road
£175,000 - Carnfield Road, Lerwick ZE1

Shetland Islands Property To rent

Bandra West,Mumbai
£85,000 pm - Bandra West, Bandra West
Bandra West,Mumbai
£90,000 pm - Bandra West, Bandra West