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Morecambe Property

For sale: 723 properties - To rent: 48 properties

The seaside town of Morecombe enjoys a relatively modest population of just 40,000 people. One of the great seaside resorts in the mid-20th Century, competing with towns like Blackpool, Morecambe has suffered in more recent years. Both the town's piers were destroyed and the Morecombe Bay tragedy raised the profile of the town for all the wrong reasons.

The town is actually rather charming, with two markets, a high street, and the seafront all within walking distance of each other. There are several live music venues, and a number of yearly festivals on offer, keeping area feeling culturally fresh. There's a large retirement community here but the proximity to Lancaster has helped keep the area a little vibrant. Rentals are easy to come by, though towards the higher end of the price range, particularly on the seafront itself where you can find attractive Victorian style properties.

Further from the seafront, more built up estates offer cheaper homes, but without the ocean views. Prices on the estates can be impressively low, with a combination of terraces, semis, and flats.

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Morecambe Property For sale

£39,500 - Caravan Park, Acre Moss Lane, Morecambe LA4
3 bed bungalow for sale in St. Albans Road
£225,000 - St. Albans Road, Morecambe LA4
3 bed property for sale in Mears Beck Close
£149,950 - Mears Beck Close, Morecambe LA3
2 bed property for sale in Coniston Court
£89,950 - Coniston Court, Morecambe LA4
£109,950 - Lines Street, Morecambe LA4

Morecambe Property To rent

2 bed flat to rent in 83 Regent Road
£475 pm - 83 Regent Road, Morecambe LA3
2 bed flat to rent in Lancaster Road
£450 pm - Lancaster Road, Morecambe
2 bed flat to rent in Marine Road Central
£540 pm - Marine Road Central, Morecambe LA4
1 bed flat to rent in Marine Road West
£375 pm - Marine Road West, Morecambe LA3
2 bed bungalow to rent in Rochester Avenue
£625 pm - Rochester Avenue, Morecambe LA4