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Cookstown Property

For sale: 4 properties - To rent: 2 properties

Cookstown is a large town in the County Tyrone, in the centre of Northern Ireland. It is famous for its long and wide main street and being the historical home of the linen industry.
The centre of town is converged around the long main street and therefore property tends to be fairly desirable. Further out from the centre of town many large residential properties are available in the more peripheral areas and still within easy reach of the shopping and leisure facilities. There are fewer properties in the East end of town, but with the school located there homes in this region are incredibly desirable. To the South end of town there are a variety of villages and hamlets all within a short distance of the town centre. Properties in these gatherings are closer to those one might expect from the countryside, and if one is willing to search for a property that suits ones requirements one will be sure to find what one is looking for.
Cookstown is an attractive location for a first family home and as such buying seems like it will be a worthwhile investment in the long run.

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Cookstown Property For sale

£200,000 - Dirnan Road, Lissan, Cookstown BT80
4 bed detached house for sale in Dirnan Road
£210,000 - Dirnan Road, Cookstown BT80
4 bed detached house for sale in Churchside Manor
£212,950 - Churchside Manor, Orritor, Cookstown BT80
2 bed house for sale in The Crescent
£109,950 - The Crescent, Coagh BT80

Cookstown Property To rent

47A James Street , Cookstown , County Tyrone
£417 pm - 47A, 47A James Street
2/4 James Street , Cookstown , County Tyrone
£2,709 pm - 2/4, 2/4 James Street